Friday, June 29, 2007

Nearly there now...

The last two days have been very emotional for me. On Thursday all our worldly possessions were packed up and taken to the removals company's base, ready for shipping. Today our (my) car was collected. Today was also the last time we saw Ashley (Nellie's childminder) and her family...

... my heart is so sore about having to say goodbye to her and Luke. They are Nellie's second parents and I know they love her as much as we do. I am going to miss them terribly. I can't believe that we won't see them again... it's just another of life's little unfairnesses.

People here keep asking when we're coming back for a visit. It feels to hard to tell them the truth... that we're never coming back here. It's just too expensive to travel to Europe when you're earning Rands, especially when you have a family. With what we'll be living off, I just don't see any way that we will ever be able to afford to come back and visit. People here just don't get that because travelling from the UK is so easy-peasy. If we can eventually afford it, one day, it will probably be so long from now that the people we want to see will no longer be in London, or even in the UK.

The thought of never seeing some of these people again is very hard. As much as I want to be home, I don't want to leave these precious people behind.

But, thank God there is email, blogging, and now... Facebook. Between these 3 things we should be able to keep in contact at least. Thank God for that!
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