Saturday, February 08, 2014

It gets me every time.

So there's this ad for an alcoholic drink that shall remain nameless that makes me cry.... Every time. The storyline is about an old man who is illiterate. The story follows his progress at learning to read, until he is eventually able to read the novel his successful son has authored. In the final scene, he meets his son in a bar and his words of greeting, after putting a copy of his son's book on the table, is 'I read your book.' His son's response... The incredulity, followed quickly by hope, followed by joy... Every time, it gets me, and I have to cry.

How does one out into words the sacrifice, the years of agony, the struggle, finally to triumph, and to give such a precious gift to one's child - the knowledge of the depth of your love for them.

The approval of a parent that is honestly given, without reserve, without focussing on the lack between reality and perfection... There is nothing like that in all the world.