Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a week

We've just returned from visiting a friend, Belinda, who lives in Bosnia. (You can view her blog as it's bookmarked on the right of ours.) We had a fabulous time, with the most gorgeous weather!! As an added 'bonus', Janel's top teeth finally cut through. We did have a few disturbed nights, but nothing we're unaccustomed to. One of the constant comments we got was about te fact that Janel was often outdoors barefoot and often without a jersey. In temperatures in the high 20's C, it made sense to us (what glorius weather we had!!!), but apparently in Bosnia it's a big no-no to go barefoot. You see, you get ill that way, apparently. Ahh well, that's foreigners for you!

The other family in the block we were staying in had a baby about the same age as Janel, which was lovely as they had a swing for him. Here she is enjoying the swing. She loves swinging, so this was a special treat for her. We must get one of those when we go home next year!

Over the past month or so we've tried to capture some of her more epic moments on camera, rather than on film. (We're having major problems getting the film we've got converted to CD so we can put it on the web...)

Here are a selection of our favourites: First - eating my feet (I've just rediscovered them!)Second - my 'no thanks' face.And lastly, my newest occupation - unpacking anything and everything I can get into!Well, that's all folks - for now at any rate.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Caught in the act!!

Janel spent this weekend with her grandparents (Tata and Gogo) while N&G went to town to see "Spamalot" and spend the night in a friend's flat. While we were away, Janel had her first brush with the long arm of the law (almost) - Tata takes up the story:

"We had gone for a walk on the common, and had taken a side journey into Tesco's to indulge my whim for a choclatey Aero, as is my wont. I purchased the chocolate, and the checkout lady was cooing over Janel who was cooing back all innocently, with no indication of the scandal that was to come. We were heading for the door and the security check when I noticed that Janel had a bag of Maltesers in her lap and was attempting to break and/or enter them. With the security guard hovering suspiciously, we returned to the scene of the crime to find the Maltesers at an easy-grab buggy's height. I have spread the word at the church, asking Janel's godparents and other significant members of the congregation to pray for Janel and her home situation, as this is clearly learned rather than inate behaviour, and one shudders to think what evil deeds have already been perpetrated!!"

So there you go - an accomplished criminal mastermind already. ;-)