Sunday, September 13, 2009

My sweet child

Nate is a growing boy. In every sense of the word. He turned 3 months this week, and already the 3-6 month baby grows are just about too small for him! Proper clothes seem fine (pants may occasionally be a bit small around the hips over cloth nappies), but those baby grow things that have toes on the legs? Forget those! One of Priscilla's friends who works across the road asked whether we've got him on solids yet because he's growing awfully fast. Ahhh...? No. But it looks like we may have to start well before the usual 6 months starting time if we're going to keep up with his nutritional demands.

He's giving the most beautiful smiles now. And talking! Not as in actual words (he's not QUITE that advanced!) and not cooing, exactly, but more as in 'nga' type of sounds. Yup, the little man is definitely attempting to hold conversations with us. He almost sounds like he's trying to laugh at times. He LOVES conversations with you, and will grin and laugh and smile at you so much it's nigh on impossible to get on with anything else if he's awake - he's just too cute. (Nellie must have been this cute too, but I don't recall feeling quite this elated at these milestones. I guess losing Zoe makes me appreciate him all the more.)

When on his tummy, he's already pushing up on his arms. Granted, he's not extending his arms yet, but he's definitely lifting his chest off the ground.

When on his back, if he's gripped your hands, he can almost pull himself into a standing position. If you hold most of his weight up, he tries to stand - but that's just the innate reflex of something to push against, rather that being indicative of him actually trying to stand.

And he's started trying to turn over. Thus far, he manages to nearly get onto his side. He's got the gist of what to do - pull your legs up and then over to the side - but just can't hold the position long enough to fall over. I reckon a few more days and he'll get it. (How long until he's crawling, I wonder, and I need to baby-proof the house again?)

His colic is fast disappearing (THANK GOD!!!!!!!!) (could that be because he's now just on formula?? I gave up on breast milk a few days ago - too much stress to keep expressing since actual breastfeeding wasn't happening - him and me = NOT compatible in this regard). His reflux is under control (he's still got it, but with limited pain associated). Thus, he's started sleeping better (THANK GOD!!) which means he's also started feeding better! (as have we....) We've had a few nights of properly sleeping through from around 8pm till around 5am, as well as a few nights with only one wake up.

During the day he is also sleeping much better, which means that he's much more alert after his feed. He's also quite happy to lie on his back now (THANK GOD!!!!) and play with his toys (and when I say play, what I really mean is stare at them and bat/ kick rather inefficiently at them). He's particularly fascinated by a pink, green and yellow tortoise . It plays a few bars of music if you hit it, but he hasn't discovered that yet - he simply loves the shape and/or colour combination, apparently (so much for the penchant for black/ red/ white/ primary colours/ geometric patterns ideas!).

One of his favourite things right now is being tickled under the chin or having his nose tapped. He also thinks you're incredibly funny if you blow zerbits at him (he still gets a very unpleasant shock if you actually zerbit him - don't try that unless you want him to cry!) or pull some other funny face. Another is lying on his change mat with NO NAPPY. Hmm... that was ok with Nellie... but I'm nervous of the multi-directional pee thing with him. Come proper summer though, I'm sure we will be spending lots of time in the garden under the tree, and then he can be nappy free to his heart's content!

So, all round, life is very good with him. THANK GOD! AT LAST! I knew it would come, but I'm really pleased it has finally arrived.

Now if the rest of the family (and I include myself in this) could just get with the programme and

a) get better (Nellie & I have horrible coughs while G has some nondescript low grade infection), and
b) stay healthy,

we'd all be extremely happy - especially this part of 'we'!
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