Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me!

While listening to a news bulletin on 567 CapeTalk I was absolutely gobsmacked at one story. I'm still convinced I heard wrong.... Apparently, people who have TB are selling their infected spit to make money.

Who on earth would purchase someone else's spit? I mean, sharing germs and spit with your nearest and dearest is one thing, but this is in an entirely different ball park. I've contemplated a lot of wacky things in my lifetime, but buying stuff that comes out of a stranger's lungs AND THEN PUTTING THAT IN MY MOUTH is definitely not one of those.

Apparently, the buyers are hoping to be able to access grants and aids from the state as a result of infecting themselves. OK, I know that things are financially hectic for many people in the recession, but this goes well, well, well beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel!

As I said, I'm sure I heard wrong.
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