Saturday, August 07, 2010

Baggins is the business

At home he's a terror - digs ALL the time. I've given up on mending my back lawn because there are more holes than lawn now. He also chews all Nathan's toys - anything left lying around will later be found outside, half destroyed.

It's not for lack of exercise - he gets walked every day. It's just purely that he does it to annoy me, as a punishment for leaving him at home when I go out. (So I'm trying the reverse psychology thing - I'm not reacting to it, and we'll see whether that cures it.)

When I walk him, I have no issues with him. When anyone else walks him, they have issues. Clearly he understands that I'm top dog. Never the less, my mother decided that he needed training, so she's paying for me to take him to dog training.

We've had 3 weeks with the dogs now, and every week I've been amazed at how BRILLIANT he is - the star of the class. Really. Last week we were put between two difficult dogs specifically because he is so well behaved and obedient. This week, he far outshone all the other dogs.

What this tells me is that Baggins is bored at home. He ADORES the stimulation of training. He could probably win competitions if I decide to take him along that route. Seriously. If he continues to shine like this, then I think I might just have to train him for jumps and things, because I can't tell you how his face SHINES at training. Even when he has to sit/ stand for ages, he accepts it all and just shines.

He really is the business when it comes to this training malarkey.

And I just love him all the more for it.
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