Friday, April 09, 2010


And no, I'm not talking about the musical.

I adore cats. I am fully content to be staff, rather than owner. Anytime.

Of course, we can't have them because G has a really bad allergy to them. I have a mild one, but I don't care - I'm willing to live with that if it meant we could have cats. Oh, yes, of course the other problem is that Baggins would eat it alive. Can't forget that.

So, I've been in 7th heaven since I've been going to Callinetics classes, because the owner of the studio has TWO cats, who both come to visit during the class. I've known these two beauties for about as long as I've known Graeme - not quite, but close. Marigold is a strapping boy, with attitude to match. Kizzy is a pussycat (metaphorically speaking) and drools at the slightest touch.

This week I've been playing catch up as I missed a few classes due to illness and holidays. Thursday's class was just incredible, because both cats came in and made a beeline for me! They know that I will give them a good loving (to the detriment of my exercise... I'd rather love them than do another nerve stretch, or tummy exercise, ANY DAY!). But I believe that it's good to nourish the soul as well as the body. And my soul is nourished by kitty love. Simply because cats are so aloof, independent and aristocratic there is something so delightful about the fact that they deign to be loved by me. I can't explain it, but it feels as refreshing as a hug from a loved one when you meet them at the airport after they've been away for a year.

Sigh! If nothing else, I guess I'll hop into the car and go to Callinetics because I know it means I can get my weekly fix of kitty love.
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