Friday, April 09, 2010

ANCYL does it again...

...or rather, Ju-Ju opened his mouth only to change the foot that was already in it. I know that everyone is astounded by his treatment of the BBC journalist yesterday. While it was outrageous, what I find more bizarre is that the ANC hasn't called for him to step down from leadership. Yes, they have now officially condemned his behaviour, but he apparently takes no notice of them. (After all, when they said, "don't sing revolutionary songs that will polarise the nation" he went ahead and sang another anti-Boer song.)

How is it possible that there are still people in this country who think the way he does??? My mind boggles. He is so obviously a racist. How is it that the YL can vote such a person into power? This country would be a lot better off if he was removed from power and taken out of the spotlight. To that end, there's a blog post calling for us all to ignore Julius for a week - irrespective of what he does. Personally I think it should be calling for us to ignore him for the remainder of the year, not just the next week, but that's just me. (Could you imagine how apoplectic he would get if that did actually happen and he couldn't get anyone to take notice of him???? LOL!! It would be worth it just to see his reaction.)

All I can hope is that the future of this country lies in hands more sane than his.
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