Saturday, February 06, 2010

No teeth, no sleep

Not only have Nathan's teeth STILL not arrived; not only is HE not sleeping well during the day; not only are WE still not getting any decent sleep either; but now he's got a horrible chesty cough too. Sigh.

Did I say this parenting thing was a doddle? I think I might have. Once. When I was temporarily insane.

BUT on the up side, he's crawling now. The boy can motor. You have to watch him like a hawk. I put him on the bed yesterday, turned my back for a second to pick something up, turned back, and had to lunge & run to catch him halfway between the bed and the floor. Ja. He thought it was very funny. The kind of funny that says 'Let's do that again, Mom!'. Me? Not so much. My heart didn't stop racing for several minutes afterwards. So - lesson learnt? At no time in the future should Nathan be on the bed. New rule in our house: dogs and Nathan on the floor!
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