Saturday, October 10, 2009

4 months

Today Nathan turns 4 months. I honestly don't know how many weeks that is, and couldn't be bothered to work it out either). He continues to grow, fast and furious. Over the past few weeks he has:
  • started to find his mouth with other objects (i.e. he's started trying to put things in his mouth - his burp cloth, his dummy, toys)
  • started solids (he seems to like yoghurt & butternut ... and HATES baby cereal. Sigh. Well, I'll put that in his milk then.)
  • started sleeping less during the day
  • become a happy, smiley baby
The only time he cries now is when there is really something wrong (tired, wet nappy, clothes too tight, sore tummy), so his colic finally seems to be all gone. He still has a little trouble with reflux we discovered when we took him off his meds. Thus, he's back on meds, but at a reduced amount so that we can wean him off it. He's reverted to his little squack cry to alert us to the fact that he's hungry, which isn't a cry at all - more a particular type of gurgle. He loves people, being the centre of attention and is very social.

Of course, now that he's approaching his developmental milestones, I'm feeling sad about going back to work and missing them. No doubt, he will turn over/ crawl/ walk/ talk/ etc first for Priscilla and not for us. I don't begrudge her that, I just wish I could be there to share in the moment.

The other thing that I've realised afresh is that with Nellie, we had the video camera out a lot when she was this age, and thus far, I've taken no footage of Nathan. I guess that's the burden of not being the first child.... In my defense though, Grandma had our video camera for the LONGEST time... certainly from long before Nathan was born. The other night he was in the bath and having SUCH a wonderful time (doing the most gorgeous sighs of pleasure) and I wished that I could have recorded it. Anyway, now the camera is back, so hopefully we will get some footage of him before he grows up too much!
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