Friday, November 09, 2007

What a clever girl!

Who says my child isn't a genius?

Yesterday, while she was in the bath, Janel TOLD me she needed the loo, and when I popped her onto her potty, she ACTUALLY DID A WEE. She not only had the cognition that she needed a wee, but DIDN'T WEE IN THE BATH, and she managed to hold it until Mommy could come and put her on the potty! How clever is that?!

AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough... earlier yesterday afternoon, while I was lying in bed feeling awful, she came in, saw my empty tea mug, asked if I wanted more tea (to which I said, yes please!), picked up my mug, took it to Graeme, and told Daddy that 'Mommy more tea rusk"!!!!!!! Now I ask you - isn't that sheer genius?
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