Thursday, September 20, 2007

Online again

Yes, we're back! Sadly, not with a vengeance, as we only have dial-up, but at least we're online again. We're getting broadband (but the slowest version possible), so hopefully things will improve somewhat during October.

In the meantime, just to say that we are in our new house, unpacked (or mostly) and loving the extra space.

Also to say I'm having a rough time with my grieving. In a bit of a black hole again. Seems like all my friends are currently in their 2nd trimester. While I'm thrilled for them (and really I am!!) I'm also finding it nigh on impossible not to be jealous. I find myself thinking horrible, black thoughts - mostly at God. It's just not fair. And the fact that I'm going to have to wait a good long while before we can even start trying again is not fair either. I want a baby and I want it now. In fact, I don't want just any baby, I want Zoe, and then I want another one. And I hate my empty arms. This all just sucks. I'd say worse, but I'm trying so hard not to use foul language anymore.

OK, before I get completely tearful, let me go and finish my marking. Holidays start tomorrow (our version of half-term) for a week. Can't wait! A bit of sunshine never hurt anyone!
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