Saturday, October 06, 2012

Aaaaaw... isn't he gorgeous?!

Every night I sing to my kids. It's part of our bed-time routine. I have done since they were born. While #1's song choice changes almost nightly, #2 is stuck on the same tune he has been since he was about a year old. However, clearly, having this musical input into his life has sparked a love of music in him. ("I LOVE this song, Mommy!" - said to just about anything that plays on the radio/ CD player). He often sings along with me when I'm doing my nightly performance. He's tuneless, and doesn't really understand rhythm yet either, so it can be challenging for me, but he's OH! so cute when he does.

For the longest time though, it has only been during private family time that he has deigned to sing out loud. He has been rather shy about singing in public. Even then, he has only really seemed to enjoy singing out loud (although he LOVES it when other people sing) when someone else was already singing.

So, it was with some amazement that just the other day I heard him singing out loud to himself and to his sister. I was even more amazed that the song he'd chosen to sing was an ABBA track! (The kids have only watched Mamma Mia! a few times, but it seems that that was all he needed to pick up the chorus of a few tracks.) I was absolutely gob-smacked though that he allowed me to record him - he usually refuses! So, herewith, a short clip of my boy singing (and accompanying himself on the piano... :D)

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